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Explore Laminate and LVT Vinyl Flooring in Calgary, AB

Laminate and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are the ideal choices for homeowners who want the natural look of hardwood or stone without the drawbacks of those expensive and delicate materials. Modern laminate and luxury vinyl tiles can make your home look lavish and opulent without breaking the bank. They also offer unique protective coatings that shield them from many sources of damage that could plague other kinds of flooring. Floors on Crowfoot has a wide selection of laminate and LVT vinyl flooring at our store in Calgary, Alberta. Learn more about laminate and LVT vinyl flooring.

Vinyl strips. Flexible plastic laminate

Laminate Flooring vs. Luxury Vinyl Tiling

Laminate and luxury vinyl tiling are similar products because they both mimic natural wood or stone. They also offer very similar advantages and disadvantages. However, they are made and designed in a slightly different ways. When you visit us, our in-store associates will help you understand these differences better. However, some of the basic differences between laminate and LVT vinyl include the following:

  • Laminate: Laminate flooring is made from multiple layers of synthetic material, which is designed for its durable properties. The top layer is a lamination that offers protection from scratching, staining, and water damage.
  • LVT Vinyl: Luxury vinyl flooring is also a multilayered material, typically compressed and heated to provide enhanced sturdiness. Luxury vinyl planks are practically indistinguishable from hardwood or tile.
Worker installing laminated wooden floor indoors

The Importance of Excellent Installation

Our team of professional installers will make sure that your laminate or LVT vinyl flooring is installed perfectly. We have some of the best installers in the business. When installed correctly, these types of floors are nearly impossible to tell apart from actual wood or stone. All our installers are highly trained, and we use extensive quality control measures to ensure their work meets the highest standards.

Visit Us Today to Shop for Laminate or LVT Vinyl Flooring!

If vinyl or laminate flooring sounds like an attractive option to you, consider visiting us to see some of our products in person. We have a large inventory of laminate and luxury vinyl tiling for you to explore at our store. When you visit us, you’ll notice that we have carefully cultivated a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our team will never pester or pressure you about making a purchase, but when you’re ready, we’re here to make your new floor installation a success. Visit us today!

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