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Your Local Source for Custom Area Rugs in Calgary, AB

A custom area rug is one of the quickest and easiest ways to alter the flooring of a room, whether you want a small throw rug for an entryway or a sprawling rug for a large family room. Floors on Crowfoot offers a wide selection of custom area rugs at our flooring store in Calgary, Alberta. We have area rugs that complement every style, from understated rugs to the most ornate patterns you’ve ever seen. Learn more about our inventory of area rugs.

Rolled turkish rugs

What to Consider When Shopping for an Area Rug

When selecting an area rug, there are many things to consider, from the size to the pattern. Upon visiting our store, we’ll show you a variety of custom area rugs that can suit your needs. However, there are a few things that you may want to consider before you visit. Some things you may want to think about while shopping for an area rug include the following:

  • What size do you want the area rug to be?
  • What colour scheme do you want?
  • How thick do you want the area rug to be?
  • Do you want a fringed or ornamental border?
  • What type of patterns do you want on your rug (if any)?
Farmhouse style ceiling fan and decorative rug in front family room

The Advantages of Area Rugs

There are many advantages to area rugs when compared to permanent flooring solutions, like carpet or tiling. Area rugs are especially popular among renters because they can take their beautiful area rug with them when they move in the future. Homeowners love area rugs because they can protect their flooring from furniture or foot traffic that can cause damage over time. Overall, most people love custom area rugs because they are the easiest and most affordable way to cultivate the style they want in their living space.

Visit Us Today to Shop for a Custom Area Rug!

When you visit us at Floors on Crowfoot, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease. Our in-store associates will never pressure you to make a purchase. If you are visiting just to have a look around the store, we welcome that. If you have preliminary questions about our selection of custom area rugs, we are happy to answer all of them. Our goal is to provide you with the best products and customer service possible. Visit us today!

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